William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Hagar - On Pension Plans


As a young soldier marching, I carried a huge pack
I was never aware of the eventual pension claw back
The civvies have a union and get OT double pay
My pension was placed with theirs – a way back in the day

They didn’t dig bunkers or jump out of planes
And they got all the benefits without any pains
It’s not a big deal when civvies get their claw back
But to an old soldier, it’s one hell of a whack!

Is it cat scratching testicles or yells like my buddy Claude?
He fights in favour of those veterans we all applaud
The ombudsman was changed by the Libs – he doesn’t answer his mail
And no one ever hears if we’ve passed or we’ve failed

The yawner, Bill Graham, he picked the present bud man
Taking his un-clawed back big pension – away he did scram!
He cheated old soldiers all across this Great Nation
The claw back’s a faux pas just like integration!

It will take the PCs and their great leader Steve
To give these old soldiers their much needed reprieve
Soldiers for their Country are all willing to die
Survivor claw backs should now be amended by Right Honourable McKay!!!!!


To: Our Supporters
August 21, 2007

Subject: Misunderstanding of Veterans benefits.

As previously mentioned, when time permits, we will write editorials supporting our Mission to terminate the claw back to our Annuity at age 65 or sooner if we are disabled.

The subject editorial has been posted at URL: www.veteranvoice.info latest news. Supporters are encouraged to read it, post it and/or get it printed in your local News Papers. We will attempt to have it printed in News Papers across Canada.

It would be a great opportunity for Veterans and Military personnel to again write our Political Leaders along with their elected Members of Parliament and request that they take action to terminate the injustice levelled at Disabled and Retired Veterans for far too long.

It’s important that numerous groups across Canada stand shoulder to shoulder and speak with one voice regarding the written facts. We must never abandon the Mission.


John Labelle
Roger Boutin
Numerous Committees

Author’s Note: Thanks John – your continued struggle for veterans rights is outstanding my friend. Bless you Sir

Billy Willbond
Canadian Soldier
August 22, 2007