William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I woke up this morning and realized, I am now sixty-five
Soon my first OAP cheque, from the Government will arrive?
From parachute drops my ankles and knees are weak
And my bones are quite sore and they pain and they squeak

I bounced around in a truck and I slept on the ground
And out on the square my ankles and knees would pound
Missed the bomb blast in Nevada and Agent Orange in Gagetown
Riding on tanks and old age cause my aches and pains to be found?

Living in an overseas sand bagged bunker, it’s now like a dream
And the old Army pension is now clawed back so it seems
CDS Gen Hillier and Gen O’Connor, our new Govt’s MND
Are looking into the clawed back pensions for old soldiers like me

Bureaucrats tell you the rules are written in stone
They will never make amendments and they won’t atone
Stephen Harper’s MPs now control the financial pies
Knowing these pension claw back’s unfair to old soldier guys!

They are a New Harper Government and their actions are fair
they’ll do the best for us old soldier’s because they really care
I woke up this morning and I am now sixty five
I have a clawed back Army pension – but I’m still alive!