William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Billy Willbond: Clawed Back and Still Marching
Photo ©Copyright by John-Ward Leighton

Old veterans are marching their hair is snow white
Cold winds of November have a bone chilling bite
Be medaled survivors of some far distant overseas battle
With their clawed back pension they await deaths rattle

PM Steve Harper could amend this real quick
He is the big boss and he carries the big stick
Erasing the claw back with a move of his pen
Giving old age dignity back to veterans again!!

He can’t say the taxpayer will have to pay the cash
The veterans have paid it and he holds the stash
The Liberales they started this surplus cash cow
Harper’s Tories could end it taking action right now

The Block and the Greens and the Commie NDPs
All are on side to support the veterans all agree?
So it would behove each and every Canadian Tory
To amend the claw back and put an end to this story