William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Okay for General O’Connor and our Colonel Hawn,
They are not clawed back, as the MPs all yawn.
There’s a big difference between them and the men.
They get big pensions and that’s okay, I contend.

But Rifleman Bloggins and Lance Corporal Brown,
For twenty five years they slept out on the ground.
They dodged a few bullets for very, very little pay
Serving Canada their Country till the end of the day.

They worked as watchmen for the Commissionaire Corps;
They worked every day until their limbs got too sore.
They had to stay home and try to live on the wee Army pension:
Eating from the food bank was a great bone of contention.

The wife, she quit work to keep her old soldier man alive,
They got their pension clawed back when he turned 65.
Now they can’t pay the rent. On welfare they barely get by:
Clawing back disabled vets is a mandarin bureaucrat’s connive.

So don’t you worry about MP Generals and Colonels and such,
They have ensured that their pensions are really topped up.
It’s the disabled Lance Corporal or Private that you and I know
With his clawed back Army pension, he’s got nowhere to go!!

Except to the food bank, soup kitchen, and welfare office!