William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Mr. Hon PM, Sir you have done it once again, it is plain;
Extending a thin olive branch to the wounded, in pain.
You offer the little wee carrot on the end of the stick –
That’s giving lump sums to our wounded, the VSI sick.

Amend the vets’ charter and give them a real pension.
That will certainly help to downplay some of the dissention.
Re-hire the Ombudsman who speaks out for each vet;
His replacement will be suspect, whom ever you may get.

The gun registry’s a smoke screen to avoid the real work load.
Get on with the running of parliament get back on the road.
Fire those who used medical documents against wounded vets.
Take a look at the figures of Bill C-201 against veterans’ clawed back.
You’ll see the support of Ignatius/Doucette/ and the NDP’s Layton Jack.

Author’s Note: Australians care for their wounded – should not we? (see $ amounts below)

Isn’t it a shame that 14,000 Canadians have to hold a charitable run to raise funds for our Veterans and their families, yet our elected officials offer them a token gesture of… well as one put it “masters of illusion”.

Australia’s 2010-2011 Veterans budget was 12.1 billion, Canada’s 4.0 billion. Australia has about 50% less Veterans than Canada, please do the math.

Are we keeping the promise to look after our Veterans?

Keep the Promise March, November 6th 2010 at your MP’s office or at Parliament Hill in Ottawa with as many Canadians as you can get to join you. If you love our Veterans, you will be there.