William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


They back stabbed us vets now they can all sit and gloat?
But they cannot expect to receive our next Federal vote
All things being equal, and sights being un-seen.
Don’t stop your vote Mikie, perhaps just vote Green?

Peter Stoffer telephoned, and he told to me
At their next convention for the current NDP.
They’ll change the title for those who vote free
To the wonderful Canadian Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party of Canada, you will soon see,
Will be a party that supports vets, just like you and me.
We will continue the fight and we’ll come out on the attack
And democratically do away with the bloody claw back.

Those two who abstained and did not vote at all,
They cancelled 3rd reading in Our Government Hall.
They both earned their title of ad scam Librano MP
As they trashed claw back hope in this land of the free.

These poverty line old vets, each disabled old guy,
Receiving many last posts daily, reports when they die.
We may not be here, those of us who took a firm stand,
But we’ll fix the claw back for our troops in Afghanistan.

Author’s Note: This poem was written in response to the email by Mike Comeau to the leader of the Canadian Conservative Party (reproduced below)

Dear Steff, (et all):

As with many of my dear friends and colleagues, I have decided to “tear-up” my Conservative-members-card and will either refrain from voting in my riding “or” support the NDP’s chosen-candidate, depending on his/her platform. My wife will support my decision and many of my off-spring may chose to do the same.

Mike Comeau, CD2
Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and;
Retired Staff Sergeant, Special Constable Services – Toronto Transit Commission.

(I invite you to disregard this message as the ravings of a lunatic!) That’s your call! However; you can rest assured that: I have many ears who listen to my rants! You really “upset the apple cart” and Veterans are not dead-yet?