William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


They made up a word to help justify the claw back of our pensions.
They knew it was blatantly wrong and had caused great dissentions.
No one ever heard that word bridge until our advocate John Labelle.
Pointed out that the claw back was wrong and he proceeded to tell.

It was explained to me by my old Peace Keeping buddy Cord, I recall;
If we really got what we paid for, there would be no surplus at all.
So they made up a new word for us, and they called it our bridge.
They had the power to claw us back and that’s just what they did.

They have made billions of dollars on the backs of old folks.
They treated old disabled veterans as if we were all a joke.
Along came Peter Stoffer, and he swore to right this wrong.
After all MPs vote on Bill C-215 will we sing a different song?

Billy Willbond: A Bridge Too Far