William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Old Pop Shears and Daddy Brown
Were Riflemen in my Section
Both had served in World War Two
And knew the Bren Gun to perfection

Whilst drinking beer, off came their shirts
Counting ancient wounds and shrapnel hurts
The deep bullet creases and bayonet cuts
Showed that both old guys had lots of guts

Casper and Harry could not read or write
When they had enlisted ‘twas to join the fight
Casper worked as a batman for the Officer Corps
Harry pushed a mop on the Officer’s Mess floor

Neither was a problem or a cause for dissention
Each stayed in Garrison until he got his pension
Wherever Harry is, I bet he’s still holding a beer
And I read in the paper that Casper died last year

Rifleman Brown and Rifleman Shears
Served their country more twenty years
Both are on guard duty at the pearly gate
Helping Saint Peter with the roll call slate

Machine Gun Bill Fisher is still on CB
Along with Mucker Steele, Neuf Barnes and me
We are all waiting for the day we will be free
When I join my old section, in eternity!

God Bless Lads – Lance Corporal (up and down)