William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We see the yellow ribbons on the back of each veterans’ car
Parked down at the Legion and at the ANAVETS bar
See the letters to the Editor written in the daily Times news
They support Canadian troops and they back up this muse!

There are some Canadians; thank God they are few
Who would bow to the enemy. They’re a small white flag crew!
Like poor old Neville Chamberlain and his Peace in our Time
Their appeasement march antics inspires this rhyme!

If we pack up and leave with the job not completed
‘Twill will be worldwide news: Canadians are defeated!
Then our sleeper cell Jihadists will be given Carte Blanche
To cause death in our streets with a suicide bomber launch!

We have a NATO mandate until Two Thousand and Nine
To build roads and build schools so let’s use all of that time!
Please back up our troops as they press the daily fight
Protecting the helpless and defending the right!

You will notice on Fridays many Canadians wear red
In support of our troops and for the blood that is shed
So won’t you join with our troops, these brave women and men
And show Canadian support until they are home safe again!

Author’s Note: Blessings on all of the Canadian Troops in Afghanistan! And on those serving in the far corners of our battered and bleeding wee planet! May they all come home safe!