William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


One must remember that Americans do not have to join the Service
There is no longer the hated draft for their weak and their nervous
Americans they freely swear allegiance when they sign on the line
The GI bill looks good and the leadership life skills training is fine

But along comes an overseas posting to Afghanistan or Iraq
Then they run away to Canada and they are not going back
Desertion in wartime in Canada, is also a very serious crime
Resulting in execution or incarceration for an entire life time

I served with Rifleman Garry Gurr in the Canadian Infantry Corps
We both served on Peacekeeping Missions and in the cold war
Draft dodgers ran away to Canada’s sanctuary welcome mat
During the Vietnam war and I was almost alright with that?

The present day American deserters are a different kettle of fish
Our troops are being killed and wounded in a victory accomplish
US deserters run away from America to hide safely up here
While Canadians are fighting and dying, we shed tear after tear

Why would our Canadian elected MPs who voted for the war’s extension
Now vote to take in American Army runaway Deserters for our retention
Whose idea was it to give these deserters free sanctuary here at home?
Don’t they realize that in Canada we have enough cowards of our own?


As a veteran I thought I had read wrong when our MPs voted to give sanctuary to American army deserters. This was a nonbinding vote so the government does not have to react.

While our young men and women are being killed and maimed in Afghanistan, these idiots have the audacity to vote to accept American deserters. This is absolutely disgraceful and an insult to those who have lost their sons and daughters in this war. I hope Canadians regardless of your feelings about the war will show your disdain for those who voted in favour.

G.D. Gurr
Times Colonist Letter to the Editor
June 9, 2008