William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


It’s Canada Day the 1st of July – there will be a parade, see dignitaries drive by
Flags will wave and drums will beat and you’ll hear the sound of marching feet
See those older Korean War Vets, and those veterans of World War Two
Their ranks are thinning more each year and their numbers are growing few

See those veterans in the berets of blue, representing the missions that many went to
See the flag party and the Engineer Banner being carried in a most reverent manner
Our namesake Mark Isfeld was a Field Engineer so we carry his flag year after year
To remember his commitment to Canadian Pride – for this Country he served and died!

We carry Mark’s flag on Canada Day and on the 9th of August it will be on display
Our Canadian Pride we will not hide as veterans form up on Peacekeeping Day
This is a land of freedom, but our population is a multi-cultural soup pot
and there are those who hate us because we are free and they’re not!

Freedom’s a thing that could fade away but not while we have pride in the Canadian Way
Sleeper Cell terrorists tried to bring our land grief, here in our land of the Maple Leaf
They would blow up our CN Tower and our Parliament Building of Democratic Power
They wanted our PM to be dead, and they threatened to chop off his head!

But you’ll have to believe that real Canadian Pride
Will overcome difficulties, we’ll stem the evil tide
It’s a prayer that new Canadians get to thinking our way
Let us celebrate their new found freedom, this Canada Day!