William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Billy Willbond: Canadian Airborne Regiment Disbanded in DisgraceMy Regiment, My Regiment
Disbanded in Disgrace?
The good you’ve done forgotten now
The tears run down my face

God bless my Country Canada
God bless my Country’s Queen
God bless the troops in shiny red boots
Commandos in camouflage green

‘Cause we are the guys who stood on the ramp
With a rucksack full and a brow wet damp
Hercs wafted toboggans down onto the snow
Reflections of stars twinkled up from below

Establishing ownership of Canada’s North
Were the Airborne troops those Hercs spewed forth
The Manhattan sailed far, far below
Whilst the red berets marched o’er the snow

And overseas they kept the peace
They did what e’re was asked
And some came home in body bags
For completing some dangerous tasks

Disband my Airborne Regiment?
Brave soldiers from the sky
I question the Minister of National Defence
I ask him to justify why?

Author’s Note: Sometimes proactive poetry is not effective in getting the message listened to, as is the case in this issue. Because a rouge trooper named Matchee got drunk and beat a Somalia Prisoner to death, our politicians saw fit to disband Canada’s finest Regiment in disgrace. The media had a field day and the subsequent Somalia Investigation was cut off once the investigation committee was getting too close to those who were really responsible, the leadership, those running the head shed at 101 Colonel By Drive beside the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa. I feel the disbandment of Canada’s finest Regiment was a colossal mistake (not only because I am a lifetime member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment Association and a former serving member of the Regiment, but because we need them now more than ever) – Especially with our troops going into Afghanistan as Peacekeepers to free up the Americans for Iraq. Afghanistan is a place where there is really no peace. I fear more of our lads will come home in body bags.

Pray for peace. Pray for the Peacekeepers. Matthew 5:9