William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


There is a gentleman I admire, Senator Romeo Dallaire
He turns the other cheek and he still suffers despair
However this forgiveness thinking it has gone way too far
He wants us to bring back Canadian terrorist Omar Khadr?

I served with some soldier friends who fought the Korean War
Youngsters killing the enemy which the politically correct deplore
At age 14 and 15 they fought for Country and Queen
I served with these men when I was an old seventeen

We were all boy soldiers when we signed the dotted line
We were trained to kill the enemy does that sound asinine?
Khadr left Toronto for terrorist training in el-Qaeda Camps in Afghanistan
Traveling abroad at his own free will when he went to join the Taliban

Was it for the seventy two heavenly virgins or just for the killing of the infidel?
Khadr attacked killing US medics trying to blow them to hell?
And that is why fellow Canadians, I don’t wish him well
As he sits reading his Koran in his Guantanamo Prison Cell

Author’s Note: Inspired by the Times Colonist Article (reproduced below) of 14 May 2008


OTTAWA – The federal government’s refusal to return Omar Khadr to Canada for trial should be likened to the terrorist activities that Khadr is alleged to have committed, Senator Romeo Dallaire said yesterday.

Testifying before a parliamentary subcommittee on human rights, the Liberal senator said the United States – and by association, Canada – were ignoring international law by not recognizing Khadr as a child soldier. He argued Khadr was a victim, who should have been swiftly rehabilitated and reintegrated into society instead of being tried in what he called an illegal court.

Dallaire is widely known for leading the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide; an experience that he said gave him expertise on child soldiers.

The senator said the United States “panicked” following 9/11, and began using unfair legal practices which made the superpower “no better than the other guy,” referring to al-Qaeda and other extremist groups.

“In panicking, [the U.S.] is doing exactly what the extremists and terrorists are doing. They don’t want to play by the rules,” testified Dallaire.

Conservative MP Jason Kenney asked if Dallaire considered U.S. and Canadian governments the “moral equivalent” of al-Qaeda, whose members engage in decapitation and suicide bombing.

“If you want a black and white, and I’m only prepared to give it to you. Absolutely,” replied Dallaire. “You’re either with the law or not with the law.” — CNS