William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


How dare you show your arrogant drunken face
With your cock in your hand you are a National Disgrace
The picture of your bone has gone around the globe
And you’ve started a massive Ottawa Police probe

Canada’s Unknown Soldier lies buried right there
And you take out your cock and you piss without care?
A bunch of angry old soldiers have telephoned me
They suggest you’ll get hand to hand lessons for free?

Once I worked at the cop shop and I was a jail guard
dealing with low life’s like you, really wasn’t too hard
In public you guys flash it, in your drunken swagger
You’re a guy our patrols call a limp “weenie wager”

Twenty three years I worked up on the front desk
Your kind’s like an insect, somewhat of a pest
big bubba will be waiting for you in your cell
he’ll make you bend over, your life will be hell!

Of course you know now, that you will have to pay
For desecrating our Monument on Canada Day
I think you should pack up and leave in a hurry
Hide out in the oil patch up at Fort McMurray?

Desecrating our National Monument is a personal insult to me
Pissing on that Unknown Soldier who fought to keep us all free!
Your picture’s globally known, to our folks at the front
Be warned, those who lost buddies, can be violent and blunt!