William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The magnificent building and the beautiful young girl
Surrounded by a towering big glass box swirl
An art deco style from mists out of the past!
Shrunk now in size, by a sea of tinted glass!

John captures this beauty with his professional lens!
With or without a model, sure it all depends?
Be the photo in colour or in black and white?
Is the light perfect is it dawn, dusk, or night?

John then makes a few points about the lost Iraqi war!
About the death and destruction that we all deplore!
NY Times Headlines now say that there is a big rush
To quell long years of chaos created by George Bush?

John each day speaks his piece about peace and he is the man!
Who says: “What are we doing o’er in Afghanistan?”
Whilst our allies the Germans and the bench-sitting French!
Sit in relative safety which raises a high NATO stench?

Afghan reconstruction it could take years and years!
More fighting and destruction, more death and tears!
Do we stand on this blog soapbox? Should we all rant and shout?
Should Canadians leave early? Should we get the F___ out?

Author’s note: Inspirational poetry gleaned from the photographs and words of Canadian poet/photographer John-Ward Leighton