William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Way to go wid Colonel Drapeau!
He a guy dat’ll let em know
where de bear shat in de bush
wen it comes ta shove
he’s de guy who’ll push!
If he’s t’gu, dey call bud man
e’ll help the troops out all he can
so here’s de message
ere’s de plan – hope DVA
really, can understand?
Mike Drapeau’s of mil litigation
he will be supported by the Nation
hooray hooray for de new DVA
wid dis good man dey’ll win de day!

Author’s Note: Canadian politics and Veterans’ Affairs Canada (VAC) and the effect on the lives of veterans and our troops serving with pride in the field

Colonel Michelle Drapeau is a no-bullshit, retired Military Lawyer who knows where the skeletons are buried at NDHQ. If he is successful in obtaining the Ombudsman Job at Department of Veterans Affairs, we as a Veteran Community, and the troops presently serving in the Field, will certainly benefit from his tenacity, his honesty and his no bullshit attitude towards the career climbers and civvie hangers-on at the Ottawa head-shed.

I speak of those who have physically ruined the Canadian Forces and who move up the ladder over the bodies and souls of our troops – those who serve our wonderful Nation from sea to sea to sea. A few new shake-ups are coming with the new minority Government of Stephen Harper, and the Liberals have gone to ground, at least for now, but the knives are being sharpened and the back stabbing should begin soon.

Wouldn’t dat be loverly?
Be well, my dear friends