William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


There are a few poets that I greatly admire
Each wore the uniform and served under fire
There’s Mike the Kiwi Kipling and Tony the Aussie Bard
Great Poet Colin “Buck” Jones – all have my regards!
“One Spur and the Arrow”, “Charge of the War Horse”
These are Award winning pieces of merit, of course!
Buck’s words that painted a picture asking why:
Written in 2001 was called: “Some Men Will Die”.
The last three lines have words that make me feel sad
“They really describe my proud gentle dad
Left to live with a sickness within his own heart
Medals on his chest that sets him apart!”

Webmaster’s Note: In this tribute, Billy refers to the poem, “One Spur and the Arrow” (which includes the section called “Charge of the War Horse) – ©Copyright 1979 by Colin F. Jones and the September 27 Verse of the “My Tribute to America” poetic series – ©Copyright 2003 by Colin F. Jones