William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We don’t hear too much about the British Army Troops
Doing dangerous patrols in their desert tan boots
A small little wee article was in the paper to-day
It showed us the price that the Brits have had to pay

The Americans and the Brits and some of the others
This closely knit group, this family band of brothers
We don’t hear anything written about what they’ve achieved
As their wives and parents and families all grieve

The Brits suffered 900 wounded by IEDs and gun fire
Most in Helmand Province where 100 soldiers expired
In the front lines Canada, sadly, has lost Eighty Five
Due to our good field training most come home alive

The USA has suffered four hundred and forty three dead
Kind words about these soldiers on Nancy Grace are read
A UN supported NATO force made a coalition of others
This valiant Afghanistan close knit band of brothers!

Article from the Victoria Times Colonist of June 10, 2008

U.K. toll hits 100 in Afghanistan

LONDON — Britain paid tribute yesterday to its troops in Afghanistan after the number killed there reached the grim landmark of 100. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the sacrifice was not in vain and was helping to turn Afghanistan from a lawless state into an emerging
democracy. — AFP