William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I retired from the cop shop back in the year 2002.
That year Omar Khadr went to Guantanamo Bay too.
The Liberals have all been trying to free this young man.
Khadr is a Taliban fighter who fought o’er in Afghanistan.

Omar Khadr’s a Canadian terrorist who in Toronto was born.
Kill the infidel was his purpose in the TO Madras he was sworn?
He went off for basic field training to the wilds of Pakistan.
Joining up with the Taliban he fought o’er in Afghanistan.

His dad and his brothers had been o’er there before.
Some received their 72 virgins in that coalition war.
In their Toronto sleeper cell: ‘kill the infidel they swore!
The freedoms in the West they were taught to deplore.

The question you ask now was Omar Khadr just a bit wild?
Was he a teenager joining the Army as a Canadian child?
There are many of us who have been there before.
We as teens joined the Army and we too trained for war!

Consider if young Omar moves in next to you or me.
Or will he be sheltered by Ottawa Centre’s caring MP?
Khadr has lost his lawyer and what does that now mean?
Will we soon see Omar back on the Canadian Scene?

Billy and Friend: Saanichton Police Station
Billy and Friends: Saanichton Police Station circa 2002

Author’s Note: The article from Times Colonist of April 5, 2009 (reproduced below) inspired this piece


Canwest News Service

OTTAWA — The need to bring accused terrorist Omar Khadr back to Canada has been made more urgent by the fact he no longer has legal representation, a New Democrat MP told a rally at Parliament Hill yesterday.

About 50 university students braved the rain to attend the demonstration and demand that the government bring Canadian-born Khadr home from Guantanamo Bay.

Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar told the rally the Conservative government has to do a “very simple but a very important thing. That is, to bring Omar Khadr home.”
Khadr, now 22, has been held at the U.S. naval base since 2002, accused of killing a
U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.

Dewar said Khadr’s case was more urgent now that the lawyer representing Khadr has been fired after accusing his boss of a conflict of interest.

U.S. navy Lt.-Cmdr. Bill Kuebler took his orders from air force Col. Peter Masciola, who has headed Guantanamo military defence lawyers since last fall. Kuebler had said that Masciola was involved in bureaucratic manoeuvring that was allegedly detrimental to Khadr’s case. He was fired Friday by the U.S. military.

Dewar said the caucuses of all opposition parties, a Parliamentary committee, and a majority vote in the House of Commons have all recommended Khadr be brought home by the Canadian government.