William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Where is that boy soldier that I used to be?
I see him in my dreams with the QOR of C.
I see him at 17 with his 1st wet canteen card.
Learning songs and poems wasn’t really hard.

I listened to their stories of courage and glory.
I sat with many heroes of the Korean War
And WW2 veterans who had served before,
Drowning sorrow as draft beer they’d pour.

The boy signed on for 20 and then was set free.
He drew his Army pension and returned to BC.
Then started a second career job down at CSPD.
The boy soldier retired again after serving a 2nd 23.

I voluntarily run a charity, for the children with disease:
Sending Izzy Dolls and Boomer caps to orphans with HIV;
Gathering medical equipment and feeding the poor
And filling 3rd world containers for the children of war.

The boy soldier this week will be three score and ten.
His children are grown and have married good men.
He has nine grand children, two girls and seven boys.
They bring this 70-year-old soldier a whole lot of joy.

Author’s Note: We at ICROSS CANADA plan on sending a medical container to Libya. We will be providing training equipment, medical supplies and equipment to train Nurses to treat the wounded both rebel militia soldiers and civilians. We need stethoscopes and BP Cuffs medical training books &c &c. If you want to support this effort, please send a small cheque to ICROSS CANADA BOX 3, SAANICHTON BC V8M 2C3 Canada.

Boy Soldier: Billy, aged 17, and His Mom Boy Soldier: Africa 2010 Boy Soldier: Africa 2010