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Cpl Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom
Cpl Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom
KIA: August 11, 2006 - Afghanistan
Cpl Andrew Eykelenboom was killed in Afghanistan
He was a Soldier Medic and a very fine young man
His Mother Maureen, has her friends knitting caps
For the wee new born babies and we support that

Andy was called Boomer by all of his Army friends
Maureen’s knitted Boomers with Izzys we send
Thousands arrive here addressed to Canada’s ICROSS
They go out to the 3rd world sent by me, I’m the boss

Boomers and Izzys sent through the Compassionate Mission
Are making a real difference – so to me now please listen
Knit a new born Boomer Cap or a wee Izzy Comfort Doll
Please help the poorest of the poor –We thank you all

You can make a difference and help with Boomer’s Legacy
Knit the new born Boomer caps and send them to me
Mail them to ICROSS CANADA Post Office Box 3
Saanichton BC V8M2C3, thank you from me

Author’s Note: To find the knitting pattern for Boomer Caps and to learn how to send financial support to Maureen’s Charity with donations for the poor in Afghanistan, please visit the Boomers Legacy website

Boomer’s Legacy