William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I thought I’d go and take an afternoon rest
Let me grab a good book from the top of my desk
By an old Patricia, Sam’s Sloppy Sniper Section
Urquhart’s warrior poetry – that’s a perfection
No Names no Pack Drill for my inspection
Beyond the danger close, that’s the KVA
Poems of distant wars by the IWVPA
Taylor’s Tested Mettle and Horn’s Hook Up
Shadow wars, Once a Patricia, both good books
Peter Desbarats Somalia Cover-up a critical outlook
In search of Pegasus another jumper’s good book
Kipling’s Barrack Room Ballads perhaps take a look?
Courage under fire about what a soldier needs
The Road to Sarajevo now that’s an excellent read
I see up there’s a book by Romeo Dallaire
Shake Hands with the Devil, a tale of despair
I have scanned the shelves and I’ve taken a hard look
Then I picked up my bible, the world’s finest book!