William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


800 thousand human beings died in Rwanda
500 thousand more people died in Darfur
In each little mud hut the killers went nuts –
Now there’s blood soaked on each village hut floor.
The UN they sat back and they watched each attack
They refused their UN’s responsibility to protect
Till the woman were raped and the villages were wrecked
And the Janjaweed killers had beheaded the men
Whilst stealing all of their possessions from them
They were raping the woman and girls on the ground
As they stole cattle and goats and their bedding and coats
And anything else that they found lying around
The survivors they ran o’er the border to Chad
where they thought UN protection was there to be had
But that was a mistake that was easy to make
Chad Protection was worse, it was twice as bad;
Genocidal killers with their Russian Kalashnikov guns
Were killing for gain and for grain and for fun
No one opposed them – did the world really care?
There’s red blood on the sand and there’s no answer to prayer

A sequel to the poem, “The Bomber Martyr’s of Islam” ~ ©Copyright November 24, 2007 by William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

On November 25, 2007, John-Ward Leighton commented on the poem, thus: “Yo Billy, don’t forget the 1 million killed in a war of Empire and lies in IRAQ”

To which Billy replied:

Are the goings on in Iraq’s civil war considered genocide?
That is the question that the world court must decide.
Whether it is better to receive the slings and arrows and bombs of suicide
And the blowing up of world trade centers, By turning the other cheek, we abide?
Or does the West stand and fight or consider retreat?
Knowing the Moslems admire strength as they crush the weak!
They killed all the Christians o’er in the Sudan,
Raping the women and killing each man
Fed by oil for the Chinese and the Arab Sudanese Greed
They arm cut throat Islamic killers, the Darfur Janjeweed