William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Al Qaeda wanted money so they let Teflon Bob go;
He’s in Bamako Mali as Dominic Leblanc Says so.
I was praying for him because I thought he was lost;
It will be good to have him back, regardless of cost!

I even forgave him for downsizing Canada’s troops,
Especially the gang wearing AIRBORNE jump boots.
He was over in Niamey at a Canadian gold mine
Until he was captured, most things were going fine.

He was working as an agent for the UN’s Ban Ki Moon,
And hopefully he is well and he’ll be coming home soon.
Held by the African Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
My prayers they were answered – Teflon Bobby’s not dead!


Canwest News Service: April 23, 2009

Robert Fowler
Robert Fowler is reported to be released after four months in captivity
UNITED NATIONS — Two Canadian diplomats kidnapped more than four months ago in Niger have been released in neighbouring Mali in a deal with al-Qaeda operatives that involved several countries of the region, officials say.

Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler and his assistant Louis Guay were freed Tuesday night, along with a German and a Swiss.

Two other tourists, a British man and a Swiss man, are still being held by the kidnappers of the entire group – a North African branch of the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

“They are free and they appear to be in good condition, but they will undergo an extensive medical checkup,” said one UN official, who asked not to be identified because the organization had yet to issue an official communiqué in tandem with the Canadian government.

“Our Niger-based security official has physically seen them. This is the happy ending for the Canadians that we were hoping for.”

Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc told reporters in Ottawa that he had spoken to Fowler’s family and that, “Bob is on his way to Bamako, Mali,” said LeBlanc, whose father, former governor general Romeo LeBlanc, is married to Diana Fowler, Fowler’s sister. “Obviously until the Canadian government physically sees him, until they’re able to be in personal contact with Bob, they’re not going to confirm.

“But the family is certainly very enthusiastic about the news that they’ve been given. They’re looking forward to hopefully reuniting with Bob in the coming days.”

LeBlanc said he expected that reunion to take place somewhere in Europe.

Separate factions of a North African branch of al-Qaeda were holding, respectively, the Canadians and the tourists.

The umbrella al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claimed responsibility for both kidnappings, and the six were held in Mali.

Local Mali politicians were instrumental in helping Canadian, UN and other negotiators work toward the release of the hostages.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had appointed Fowler last summer as his special envoy to Niger, where the Canadian was to help the country make peace with Tuareg rebels claiming a bigger share of uranium mining revenues on their traditional northern Niger lands.

But he, Guay and their Niger driver were kidnapped Dec. 14 while returning to the Niger capital of Niamey after visiting a Canadian-run gold mine in the supposedly “safe” western part of the country.

AQIM later claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.