William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


God bless our wounded fighters
who just left Afghanistan
God bless the US soldiers
who helped each wounded man

We gotta thank these soldiers
who are prepared to die for us!
Just forget about Paul Martin
and his anti-US fuss!

Author’s Note: A response to a Blog article: “Gratitude” by MK Braaten: January 19, 2006

Paul Martin has been attacking America this whole election campaign. He has disparaged the Americans so much that our relations with the said country may be beyond repair. However, last week, when the Canadian soldiers were seriously injured in Afghanistan, it was the Americans who rescued them in a helicopter, it was the Americans who flew the injured soldiers to a US army hospital, and it was the Americans who flew them to the hospital on an American transport jet.

… and not a word of thanks from the Canadian government?

What a disgrace to our Nation.