William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


RSM (WO1) Al MacMillian, MMM, CD
RSM (WO1) Al MacMillian, MMM, CD
RSM MacMillian’s now marching on the mythical square
with Roy Bruce and the pats and the rifles up there
Al was a soldier’s soldier – say some old infantrymen
and we won’t see his kind around the battalion again

Now he marches with Dick Buxton and Rusty Rowbotham
and with Kenrod the Rod – hey I almost forgot him?
Like old Zump the Pump and QMSI Scottie Boyd
RSM Al MacMillian has left another huge void!

Big Mac loved his country and served Canada with pride
now he has left this mortal coil – to in Valhalla reside?
Al wanted no ceremony when his time came to pass
so let’s all join Don Ethell – let’s all raise a glass!

Regimental colleagues

Wednesday December 5, 2007 – mid-afternoon: I just received call from Geraldine MacMillian, RSM Al’s wife, who advised that Al passed away unexpectedly this afternoon.

Obviously she is distraught however she advises that family members (ie. their sons, et al) are with her).

Although Gerry has indicated that it is Al’s wish that there not be any service for his passing, those of us in Calgary will ‘raise a glass’ to Al’s tremendous contribution to Canada, the Canadian Army, including outstanding service to our Canada and our Regiments.

For QOR of C and PPCLI Regimental Majors: Please advise our respective Colonel-in-Chiefs of the passing of a great soldier.

Col (Ret) Donald S. Ethell (QOR of C/PPCLI)
December 5, 2007