William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A stinkle-wrinkle between the legs of a star:
Have Brittany’s actions really gone too far?

No panty women showing off their vaginas
Overshadows the actions of our front line grunts

Years after our Rwandan genocidal war
They are doing it again in Sudan’s Darfur

What happened to our Responsibility to Protect?
The UN mandate is now a real bloody wreck?

Do you think that ever again we will see
A US Army fight for oil’s true victory?

Global warming it is a real scary thing
I nearly froze to death waiting for spring

Canada’s retired soldiers have a bone of contention
They are unhappy with their clawed back Army pension

Under the spreading chestnut tree
Is a poem I learned on my Mother’s knee

The boy stood upon the burning deck
The Gallant 600 didn’t give a heck

Taking my truck to the pumps to fill it up with gas
The $175.00 dollar fill up is a real pain in the ass

March smartly, yell loudly, and carry a big stick
A Sergeant’s Drill Cane is an extension of his di** err… penis?

Send letters to your loved one’s serving o’er in the front line
A name called out at mail call keeps a soldier feeling fine