William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We imported Islamic violence, we brought them over here
From foreign lands of terror, hate, oppression, and raw fear
Canada’s Immigration extended a maple syrup kindness cup
Now our own home-grown Al-Qaida sons plot to blow us up?

With three tons of explosives – they had the raw pure power
To blow up the underground subway and the Toronto CN Tower
These potential killers, soon again, will be on the loose
These soon freed young offenders, again will tighten the noose

Both you and I know they’ll be turned over to Moms
They’ll go back underground to making homemade bombs
Of Prejudice, slogans they’ll rant and they’ll shout
Young Islamic lawyers will soon get them all out!

We are caring Canadians in the land of the free
We treasure fair justice and our liberty
Political correctness will be our downfall
Will terrorists destroy Toronto’s city hall?

Each Kingston and Toronto underground sleeper cell
They were planning to blow dumb Canadians to hell
Sucking explosive funds from the Social Assistance well
They were planning to put a crack in our Liberty Bell!

Thank God for our CSIS agents, Local Cops, the RCMP!
Did they stop Islamic Terror in the land of the free?
Or is this just a quick preview of what lies ahead?
And will Newspaper Headlines Scream: CANADA COUNTS HER DEAD?

Author’s Note: Inspired by the June 3, 2006 Times Colonist Newspaper Article, ‘Alleged Terrorist Plot Foiled’

My Brother-in-law, Weldon Pinchin, from Mayne Island, advised that some time ago, there were a group of Islamic Looking Male Persons taking photographs of the underdeck superstructure inside the car deck on board of a BC Victoria to Vancouver Ferry. He was in his truck on the car deck dozing, and whenever a crew member came by they would duck down, avoid being seen, and hide the camera. Weldon thinks they were up to no good? Or perhaps they were just obtaining information and are going to build their own ferry when they go back to Pakistan/Afghanistan? Serious food for thought? All Citizens should remain wary!