William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A Patricia eh? Well then for sure, Dale[•] can’t be all that bad –
Hearing that he’s a fellow jumper really makes me glad
Why are you running Lads, and why do you all cry?
Because we got a really mean and vicious P.T.I.!

We once were in the Queen’s Own lads and not afraid to die
But now we’re jumping Patricia Pats members of the PPCLI!
Mikie[•] is a Jimmy Jumper who served in the RC Sigs
Like me he worked in law enforcement – both of us called pigs!

Mike and I we are now retired and we gave the coin a toss
And ended up being do-gooders and members of ICROSS
And things they go from bad to worse
As I continue writing questionable bad verse

My terrible poems and awful rhymes
Fills many pages with my verbal crimes
And every morning as I read the Times
I am inspired to continue making rhymes