William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


At Chernobyl the Power Station poisoned the countryside
‘Twas an accident in that area where thousands got sick and died
Dust from the one reactor, blew far across the land
With deformities and Cancers caused by the carelessness of man

Six reactors sit at Pickering in Canada’s Industrial Park
Where Al-Qaeda members went for a walk one night after dark
They arrested the one doing over flight practice in a little plane
To release these terrorists through human rights has got to be insane!

Six reactors in a built up area where millions would sicken and die
If explosions came via makeshift bombs or an airplane fell from the sky
So let the Americans question these guys – let’s get the truth out pronto!
No time to debate the casualty rate – my daughter lives in Toronto

Author’s Note: Al-Qaeda Terrorist Cell in Canada targets Pickering Nuclear Power Plant Site (Newspaper headlines – Canada, September 04, 2003)