William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I’ve touched the clouds on silken canopy
And felt the wind and soared down free
I’ve wafted o’er huge fields of grain
And in a thermal had a thousand foot gain

I’ve lowered my rifle, radio set and my ruck
And landed hard when my equipment got stuck
I’ve travelled o’er the ice pack high
And landed under the arctic sky

I’ve seen the upturned frost boiled sod
And pulled a toboggan where no man has trod
I’ve served with men hard sinew tough
And carried map boards and other stuff

I’ve walked for days in the frozen North
and with my buddies from a Herc spewed forth
I am now old and feeble and I think back
About how I lived for weeks from my large pack!

About the men I knew from World War Two
And the Korean War all AIRBORNE too
I look back now on that far away day
When we were AIRBORNE all the way!

Author’s Note: To General Stewart and Colonel Dalziel, former AB Regt Battle Major and SO3 Ops who wrote letters of support for me as witnesses to my limping around after Col Rochester was injured – I was behind him on the stick. And to Sgt Cunningham and Cpl MacLean, if they are still with us, for putting the sick report on my file. I had asked for a tensor bandage and a bottle of .222’s and Cunnie put the sick report on my file. You were very helpful and I now receive a disability pension from VAC!!! Thanks Guys!!!!