William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


For quite a while you stayed away
you suffered during ANZAC Day
Now you have ventured forth with friends
Strong will, plus meds eased suffering’s mend

You are a very fine story telling poet
Servicemen round the world all know it
Last night I went to a Rifles Mess Ball
The poet being discussed was Tony Pahl

Your page is also known because of ICROSS
and your deep feelings for humanity’s loss
John Leighton and I and others asked why
many don’t care when small children die?

So thank you Anthony William Pahl
for your ICROSS page and your writings all
We were so pleased at your going back
to meet with friends to remember ANZAC

Webmaster’s Note: ANZAC Day is commemorated in Australia and New Zealand each year on April 25. The International Date Line is the reason for the apparent discrepancy in Billy’s reference to my attendance at the Anzac Day Parade in Adelaide, South Australia on April 25, 2005