William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Peter Worthington
Peter Worthington: a former sub-lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy (WWII) and lieutenant platoon commander in Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Korea. He was also attached as observer to Mosquito Squadron of USAF
Happy Birthday to the “Worthy” man
He backs our troops in Afghanistan
Writing his columns both light and weighty
The “Worthy” man, he’s just turned eighty!

He’s an old Patricia from the RCN
Who’s been out there and back again!
He helps to sort the wrongs from right
Backing Canadians who volunteer to fight!

He’s a senior citizen on the O.A.P.
And he keeps on writing for you and me!
“Worthy” is a front line Korean War Vet
whose words remind us: “Lest we Forget”!

“Worthy” put them straight at the C.W.M.
About the VD stat lies against his men!
Happy Birthday Worthy! – be of good cheer!
May your columns continue for many more years!