William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Comrades of old who marched with us upon the hallowed square
They are leaving fast this mortal coil and soon we’ll all be there
Ken he fell hitting his head home from the hospital and too soon dead
A fine old soldier Ken served with pride his Shirley was with him when he died

A Maple leaf cap badge upon his beret – With our 1st Battalion back in the day
Doing the road runs out to Sarcee, Pounding the Currie Square with defaulters like me
From the Shannon Coollee to the Honnetal to Deilinghofen and 4 CIBG
Ken Tucker was a soldier who served with pride in the QOR of C

He turned in his black puttees and things like that when we all rebadged to the Princess Pats
We will miss him at the reunion in 2010 as our thinning ranks form up on parade once again
Drinking a toast to comrades who are not there, as each glistening glass is hoisted in the air
All will remember our good friend Ken, until we see him up there on the square once again

RIP old friend


Ken Tucker’s wife Shirley just called me to advise that Ken passed away this morning (Monday). A great friend and colleague – May he Rest in Peace.

Shirley advises that there will be no funeral service however there will probably be a memorial service in the local Legion in Stoney Plain Alta on Friday 26 September 2008.

Donald S. Ethell
September 22, 2008