William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Guys like Dennis – they menace SISIP, DND and VAC
Here in our Beautiful CANADA this fair land of the free?
Those powers would like amalgamation of all veterans ASSOCIATIONS?
So then there would be only one voice from all across this great Nation?

It took many voices to get the 7th book placed in the tower
We groups just kept harassing the big wigs in power
There is a move afoot to break these groups up?
In an effort to keep the biggest outspoken mouths shut?

To help the veterans – that usually costs taxpayers some bucks
So many Senators and Politicians just don’t give two fu_ks
The bed ridden old vets they are still sitting ducks
Their nets are missed constantly like most hockey pucks

The odd one does get through to the goal net
And that for sure makes for a very pleased and happy old vet
But mainly the many they still fall through the cracks
Because we have no one to keep a watch on our backs

Now with a New Ombudsman to help soothe dissention
For those with a SISIP or clawed back Army Pension
Perhaps these changes they will eventually come?
With the veterans last breath when their lives are all done?
And they go to the bone yard to the slow beat of the drum!

Author’s Note: For Dennis Manuge