William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

The Honourable, Donald Stewart Ethell, OC, AOE, OMM, OStJ, MSC, CD

Don was a Rifleman who did time on CB. In the 1st Battalion he served along with me.
He was my Lance Corporal and then later on, my Battalion Orderly Room Sarge.
Don would back me up with good advice whenever I was on charge.
Promoted from Rifleman to full Colonel, my friend Donald really worked hard.

On those fourteen peacekeeping missions he spent many years away.
He gained a chest filled with meritorious medals at the end of the day.
Lynne and I were so pleased to see Don excel to the ranks higher up.
Serving on many dangerous missions, on his wife Linda, that was tough.

Alberta is lucky to have a Lieutenant Governor who will serve like our Colonel Don.
He will perform his Royal Duties and he will always soldier on.
He once served in the Rifles and then joined the PPCLI.
A world class Soldier, Peacekeeper, Don is a great guy!

Lt Gov The Honourable Don Ethell and wife, Linda
Lt Gov The Honourable Don Ethell and wife, Linda