William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Canadian Airborne Regiment: 1968
Graphic created from 1968 photograph by Billy Willbond, taken with a Kodak Brownie camera
Check your reserve clip and your QRB[1]
Ensure loose clothing don’t cover these
Check your ruck your skis your pack
Ensure all’s right on your buddy’s back

Stand up hook up shuffle up the ramp
3 weeks on the tundra-then it’s back to camp
Landing on the tree line or on the DoDo lake
high wind landings – many legs did break

Yukon jumps from the four engine props
900 soldiers with toboggans did drops
watch the door light until it turns green
floating to the snow – night sounds so serene

On South Hampton Island we did a bulldozer drop
At about 2000 feet the chutes prematurely popped
The permafrost shook as the D8 thundered in
Just like DZ[2] alpha – we lost one again!

Making emergency landing strips up on Canada’s Top
We used manpower to remove each frost boiled rock
‘Twas Commando Sergeant Major’s, like CSM John Clee
And us Commandos who kept the true North strong and free!