William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD and Barry J. Phillips


The AIRBORNE Medics who soldiered along with us
Carrying their first aid kit, sure that was never a fuss
It weighed 40 lbs with his ruck and his two chutes
Radio set and skis and his muck-luck snow boots

2 Commando had broken a few legs on those winter warfare drops
Hitting the glare dodo lake ice after canopy chute pops
No matter the location like that lake ice so bare
AIRBORNE medics jumped with us – they were always there

One would always feel they received the very best of field care
From those guys we called Doc and who arrived from the air
Some went on to para-rescue when the AIRBORNE expired
Because of Somalia cover-ups the whole Regiment was fired!

Now when I hear the saying there is a Jumper Down
It means the loss of a brother and that makes me frown
Farewell to old comrades who all wore the jumper’s wings
Awarded wings of St Michael who with the angel choir sings!

ALTALTAirborne Medic

From DZ-VI: June 13, 2008

Good Afternoon All,

And yet still they fall…

The following received from Paul Paone:

……… Regret to inform you that CWO Wayne Gibson, Physician Assistant, unexpectedly passed Wed night while on the road conducting medicals.

Wayne’s AB experience was from 2 FD Amb jump Pl and the Med Pl CAR in the 80’s. Wayne will be sadly missed by all…………



When the green light comes on
And it’s your turn to go,
To take the big leap,
To step out of the door…

When God is the JM
And he shows winds are light
Put a smile on your face
And step out into the night.

No snowshoes
No rifle
No heavy rucksack
It’s just you and your parachute
You can’t beat that!

You see, you’ve been posted
To his Battalion upstairs.
There’s a place on his parade square
That he’s saved just for you
Next to troopers with wings – Just like you

So, fall in with a grin
Stand tall and be proud
Put your beret on jumper
Ex Coelis! Airborne!

Fair winds and soft landings jumper
Have a good one!

Author’s Note: Poor poetry perhaps – but heartfelt. Go in peace Wayne.