William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


His pack bedroll’s laid out; his bed space is still neat.
He sleeps in the cold wind, upon the hard concrete.
On hard street drugs and rum he spent his lump sum.
Covering up inner pain, some now say he is insane?

Abandoned on welfare eating down at the Sally Anne.
Before he went off overseas he was a good family man?
His wife and children left him a falling down drunken sod,
Abandoned by his Federal Government, his family and God.

He still has his old dog and the mixed breed bring in cash.
Dog loving people give up coins, which he adds to his stash.
His hair is uncut and his beard is unwashed and too long.
On his torn and worn jacket he wears a foreign war gong.

Abandoned and forgotten he is a pitiful mean street sight.
A band of advocate brothers & sisters continue his fight.
Is he OSI wounded, requiring mental health meds and care?
Was it the NVC lump sum that helped place him out there?

Would a shrink and medication help to straighten out his life?
Would a medical pension in lieu of lump sum bring back his wife?
Some choose to take the fast way, departing quick by suicide?
Abandoned by the Government system, it’s a final loss of pride?

Author’s Note: This poem was Inspired by the photograph, “Bed Space” – ©Copyright by John Ward Leighton Vancouver DTLES GT photographer, and the poster, “Abandoned” – painted by Ward 2011 and received from Jim Sheppherd today

Bed Space: ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton Abandoned: ©Copyright 2011 by Ward 2011