William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The 1914 – 1918 war was a time of mustard gas and great fear
Soon our last WW1 veteran will terminate his last year
It was that war to end all wars
That’s what the Kaiser said
Millions of men lay on the battlefields
Including thousands of our Canadian Dead

On Armistice Day I saw those veterans march
to the statue of bronze and cement
and I heard the bugler play last post
and the piper play the lament
As St Mary’s school walked up town to the Ottawa monument!

These Canadian Veterans, soon they will be gone
Only three remain – and now it won’t be too long
A state funeral petition has been making the rounds
Hoping government backing and funds can be found
To honour these warriors who took the Vimy high ground!

Today in the house they will have a great debate
As to whether our last warrior, he will lie in state?
Not just another opportunistic move by the NDP
But it is a Canadian wish from Conservatives like me
So let us see all parties vote in unity and agree
To honour this last ancient vet, rest we forget lest we forget!

Author’s Note: Noticed the small article (below) in the centre of today’s newspaper? The media are not interested when all parties vote together they only want to report the in-party fights. It’s Kind of a small tribute to the last 3 WW1 soldiers. Oh well, we got it – the funding for the lying in state ceremony

MPs vote for state funeral for last First World War Veteran

November 21, 2006

OTTAWA. The House of Commons unanimously approved a motion yesterday asking the government to offer a formal state funeral for the last Canadian veteran of the First World War.

It’s believed there are only three survivors of the 600,000 Canadians who served under arms in the 1914-18 war: Dwight Wilson, who is 105 and Lloyd Clemett and John Babcock, who are both 106. But Babcock, who became a U.S. citizen 60 years ago, doesn’t want the honour, his wife Dorothy said in a telephone interview from Spokane, Wash. — CP