William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


When I worked for Major Murray Edwards at MARPAC back in 1973,
His wife Morrie read my wet canteen poetry about doing pack drill CB.
She called me the Canadian Soldier Poet and the nickname stuck to me.
Morrie knew soldiers, as during the war she was a Bombardier in the Brit Artillery.

Murray met Morrie when they were aboard RMS Scythia back in 1953.
Falling deeply in love, they began a fifty-year romance, a real jubilee.
When Morrie got ill Murray went daily to hospital and stayed by her side.
For a year he affectionately nursed her and fed her, she was his loving bride.

There is a Brit Artillery cap badge carved into Morrie’s head stone.
Murray often visits her gravesite and she is never really alone.
This to me is a love story about an old soldier and his loving wife.
Holding on to each other in good times and through trouble and strife.

They lived a true 50-year love story, an old soldier and his loving wife.
She put up with his postings to Cyprus, Golan and to the Middle East.
She stood by his side both through instructional days at the Borden RCS of I.
Murray stayed with her and held her hand on the day that Morrie died.

Major Edwards keeps busy. He helps us at ICROSS CANADA. He is now 91.
He is the VP of our CAVUNP Chapter and he still jokes and has fun.
He is a member of the KVA and the Veterans of the PPCLI and the QOR of C.
Murray still drives his own car and drives to God’s Little Acre to visit Morrie.

Murray and Morrie Edwards

Murray and Morrie Edwards

Murray and Morrie Edwards