William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I have seen the ranks keep a-thinning more and more o’er these years.
As I look at these pictures and for those missing I shed some sad tears.
Chink and me plan the ceremonies at the Central Saanich PK Cenotaph.
Even though crippled up and both limping we still have a few laughs.

I knew each of the men in the above photos of 1st Battalion’s Recce Platoon
Spending 10 yrs with my family 1st Bn and living in my Junior NCO’s cubicle room.
I did runs and battle PT then I left for the AIRBORNE having no regrets:
Losing track of the lads until after retirement finding them on the internet.

You old hockey players with your joint/aching bones,
Say a sad farewell to our friend Davey Stones.

Top row: left to right: Mel Kube, Joe Webb, Keith McKenzie, Phil Craft, Joe Rozon, Joe Wiseman, Ernie Ducet, Moose Aspinwall, Rene Simard, Chink Widenmaier. Bottom row: left to right Bob McKivor, Bob Halpin, Fritz Mueller, Lewis Wharton MacKenzie, Bill Snowden, Plum Dum Len Quinlan, Don Stewart Ethell

Left to right – Sgt Fred (Fritz) Mueller, Sgt Ken Snowden, Lt Lewis MacKenzie, MCpl Bob McKIvor, LCpl Chink Widenmaier, LCpl Mel Kube, Sgt Len Quinlan, Sgt Bob Halpin, Sgt Don Ethell