Adam Olsen


Billy’s words are emailed, they fill my inbox,
Each time another fallen’s name read with shock,
Even if we tried to escape, mistakes of our humanity,
I try to understand what drives this insanity.

We share each breath, and now the wreath,
The sacrifice of those young bodies that lie beneath,
I do not know the pain, for me I’ve never felt,
But, I am humbled, by the burden of the infantryman’s belt.

Billy, I thank you for never letting me forget,
Yours a sacrifice, and that of those I’ve never met,
Allow us to walk free, work free and make democratic decisions,
As we try to heal the cultural, social and political divisions.

Billy, never cease the pen, let its ink scribe,
Drawing us together, and closing the divide,
If we become one, no more need for boots on the ground,
Dull the stench of war, and mute the evil sound.

Author’s Note:

Billy Willbond: Remembrance Day 2011
Victoria, BC Canada
Hi Billy,

I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the work you and your fellow colleagues do to put together such an important event as the one I witnessed yesterday!

The crowds are growing and young families are attending, what an amazing opportunity to be humbled by the sacrifices made by those who are sworn to protect us.

We are forever indebted to you. Next year it would be great to prepare a wreath for the First Nations Vets many of whom have passed but should never be forgotten, I will be happy to work with you on this.

Thank you/HYCHKA!
Adam Olsen