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Colin “Buck” Jones
Colin “Buck” Jones

IWVPA: Who Will Cry for the Soldiers? Poems of Distant Wars
Who Will Cry for the Soldiers?
Poems of Distant Wars

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
Anthony W. Pahl OAM

Your poems contain words that have helped others and you show feelings that pierce the soul my friend – Thank you Sir for your many meaningful messages that help to make this world a better/more understandable place for those who wore the rag and followed the flag!

We continue to live in the midst of a global media bombardment of daily war news from the front in Afghanistan where our young men continue to fight for Queen and Country and they come home wounded in body and spirit and some, (on a regular basis), in body bag filled coffins – our newspapers are filled with pictures of flag draped coffins, and the grief of mothers and wives and children attending gravesides all across this great Nation.

One of my friends (an old Army buddy Chink Widenmaier, who’s son is a sniper in the PPCLI), just returned from a change of command parade in Edmonton where the drill hall was filled with our wounded in wheelchairs, on crutches and with missing limbs they were in good spirits and were there to welcome their survivor mates home from the front. They were replaced by the RCR from London Ontario who are now patrolling in Kandahar.

I recently gave a copy of your anthology “Poems of Distant Wars” to an American friend who now lives in Canada and has done since returning from the Vietnam War – I referred him and his wife to your writings on pages 67 to 73 of the anthology. He had been, these many years, hiding in the bush as a semi hermit raising chickens and gardening and his Canadian wife has finally talked him into coming out and seeing a shrink – Canada has medicare and these old soldiers need help – He fears publicity and even his children do not know he was a soldier but they have wondered at his constant nightmares and his screams in the night.

Your words and those of my dear friend Tony Pahl and other war poets have helped this middle aged man and others like him, and as such these poems about soldiering and sacrifice do make a difference when these long suffering people realize they are not alone. Sometimes it is only one line that helps to make that difference. When his wife returned the dog eared copy to me she apologized for the tear stains on some of the pages – Your writings are helping to make a significant difference.

Be well my friend – best o’ health
Peace is our continued hope for mankind