William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Chester was a veteran of World War two and he was with Jim Stone in Korea too!
He served as a Jumper with the PPCLI and he came to the Queen’s Own by and by
He was the Chief Clerk of the 1st Battalion at Currie Barracks in Calgary in 1958 and ‘59
And he went over to Germany where in the BOR he served his NATO time

We all came back to Canada in nineteen hundred and sixty three
The RSM’s F&E went to Nanaimo and Chester, he suspected me!
From long term storage in Calgary we shipped all the furniture here
It was an honest mistake, he said in debate, as he grinned from ear to ear

I worked for Chester and Sergeant Don Ethell in the BOR in 63
I took a deuce and half to Nanaimo to load the Rod’s long storage F&E
We delivered the stuff to the PMQs, the rat, and shaky and me
I maintained it was an honest mistake and could happen to anybody?

I sent out stacks of LTS messages signed by the Assistant Adjutant
And I moved all the F&E from Calgary it was a smooth operation event
Staff Hendricks, he owned a boat near the gate; he lived on board with his cat
He retired and then moved up to Mill Bay, I still remember that

Farewell old Chester; you were a good friend and you served this Country well
Even though I moved the RSM’s F&E you laughed but did not tell
Rod narrowed it down to Don or me, but Snuffy signed the messages out
So all that the Rod could really do then, was rant and rave and shout!

RIP Chief – Billy

Author’s Note: Chester Hendricks passed away on Thursday March 20, 2008

  • LTS = Long term Storage
  • PMQs = permanent married quarters
  • F&E = furniture and effects
  • RSM = Regimental Sergeant Major
  • Rod = Nickname for the RSM
  • Rat and Shakey – 2 Riflemen helpers, Randall and MacNeil