William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD and Barry J. Phillips


Another jumper has gone from 2Cdo
He’s left the door on green light go
A “character” was our Stan the Man
Commandos always say yes we can!

Major Vernon back then was our CO
He still jumps on green light go
If 3 score and 10 is a normal life span?
Then we’ll meet again with Stan the Man!

The last post always makes me frown
Especially when it is a Jumper Down
But thank you BJ for each sad lament
You run a good show from the JM’s tent

Jump Master, Jump Master, tell me why
Good paras like Stan so young must die?
Stan’s now up there para sailing on high
On a permanent thermal updraft to the sky

From: Barry Phillips [email address provided]
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 9:31 AM
To: Billy Willbond
Subject: RE: JUMPER DOWN – Stanley Stothard

I am honoured to have inspired you to poetic iteration… even more so to be mentioned in dispatches… or is it dispatches… What a wonderfully forgiving language we play with. That would never be the case were we all speaking German!!


When the green light comes on,
And it’s your turn to go
To take the big leap
To step out of the door…

When God is the JM
And he shows winds are light
Put a smile on you face
And step out into the night.

You’ve nothing to fear
For God holds you dear
There’s a place on his parade square
That he’s saved just for you
Next to troopers with wings – just like you

So, fall in with a grin
Put your beret on straight
You’re on parade with God’s jumpers
Stand tall.
Be proud.


Thank you Barry, Sir, you’re a great closet poet
Now the DZ VI ranks and everyone will know it
You’ve the gift to turn the written English word
Thank you B.J. your message is being heard

Stan served with Lee Drover in the peacekeeping war
When the Turks invaded Cyprus back in seventy four
The AIRBORNE took casualties, we lost a few men
Perhaps we won’t ever see the likes of their ilk again

Abandoned and Disbanded by MND rat Teflon Bob
Who flew away to the UN and a new patronage job
The Regimental soldiers’ last parade looked so fine
Laying up our AIRBORNE colours for the last time !