William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Fred fought the fight of cancer’s blight.
He took a very courageous stand.
He’s in heaven playing tonight
Again with the Queen’s Own Band.

Our band is playing up above,
Marching songs of brotherly love.
Blades and Races, double past:
Sergeant Mercer’s home at last.

Fred proudly marched upon the square
When we were young and over there.
Fred arranged our music each memorial day.
Another great old soldier has passed away.

Our ranks in Saanichton are growing thin.
We won’t see the likes of Freddie again.
At last our good buddy’s out of pain:
He just met Roy Bruce with his drill cane.

Author’s Note: RIP my brother – Thanks you for all of the November the 11th work you did for us each Remembrance Day.