William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


He was Santa Claus to all us old vets down at Nellie’s Block.
Every Christmas Al donned his suit and to the old folks talk.
Our Al was a Member of the RCL as an honour party guy;
He taught us all how to lower flags down at the Legion hall.

Al shipped boxes of Izzy Dolls and Boomer Caps in crates.
Volunteering, helping ICROSS, his efforts they were great.
He went to work upon his bike at night he rode it back.
Taken from us way, way too soon, Al had a heart attack.

You died so young and left us here you gave us all a scare.
I guess you are now training new honour parties up there?
You’re honouring our blessed Lord on heaven’s RCL Square.
Fare thee well Al, old friend, we miss you and we care.

A Farewell To Big Al FleuryA Farewell To Big Al Fleury

A Farewell To Big Al Fleury
Big Al Fleury: The Royal Canadian Legion’s Friend