William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


There were times of discontent
they did disband my Regiment(s)
No more 1 QOR of C
No more Airborne Infantry
Now they’ve hired a Moslem Cleric
they want a badge that is generic
We will suffer another loss
the head-shed’s cancelling the cross
They’d make a new badge with a crescent moon
and a star of David badge could follow this soon
Would that be way too much to ask?
Or is it now an impossible task?
Farewell to the symbol of the Chaplain Corps
that served so well in peace and war
With no troops left at the end of the day
we’ll have to seek protection from the U.S.A.
It’s just too bad and it’s a nation’s loss
Must we say farewell to the Padre’s Cross?
You could do like my family and me
and write to your very own district MP!

Author’s Note: They took away my QOR of C cap badge – disbanded my Battalion – it was way too English and much too sad! They took away my Airborne Regiment’s Badge – for actions of just one drunken lad – too disgraceful. They are about to take away the Padre’s Maltese Cross – it is we, who will all suffer the loss – too traditionally Canadian! They reduced the size of the Forces down to where it’s ineffective – was that their main objective? Too bad!