William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I joined the Queen’s Own Rifles when I was just a boy
Leaving Ottawa behind me, on to Calgary I’d deploy
‘Twas my first soldiering adventure, riding four days on a train
Amazement at the vastness of the wheat fields and the plains

I saw the distant Rockies as I stepped down off the train
I could see the snow capped beauty, they were 50 miles away
Then I traveled to the Depot where a soldier I would be
where I learned about the Regiment, the QOR of C[1]

Great Grandpa was a Rifleman, and Grandpa was one too
Our family fought in the Crimea and we served at Waterloo
In India during the Mutiny and in China at Fort Taku
Great Gramps, a Sgt in the Buffs[2], safely he came through

It was an ancient family tradition to be a uniformed Rifleman
Serving Queen and Country and protecting the home land
Then our battalion went to Germany so far across the sea
I went to places where my Dad served with the Infantry

Grandpa William Willbond, 2nd Battalion – Royal Irish Rifle Regiment
Fought in India and Afghanistan, where his youth was spent
My dad, William Henry Willbond, was with the Ottawa GGFG[3]
Suffered wounds in action, then came home to mom and me

I am William Henry Albert Willbond, of the QOR of C
from a Rifle Regiment family – sixth generation Infantry
When they disbanded my Rifle Regiment I asked the question why?
They just gave me a badge, and I ended up, in the PPCLI[4]!

The Patricia’s are a wonderful bunch and I was a very proud, proud guy
To serve out my days in the Pickley Ways of the PPCLI
They disbanded my AIRBORNE Regiment and the QOR of C
Farewell thoughts of my Rifle Regiment, and the AIRBORNE Infantry!

More information on the Military History of the Willbond Family is contained in the poem, “Portrait of a Soldier” ©Copyright April 2003 by William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD